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The decision to sell your business can be one of the most important decisions of your life and it’s so important to have the right people with the right know-how on your side.  

Our proven Smart Exit System helps people sell businesses...through a process-driven straight-forward approach focused on results. Our street-smart approach to business valuation and exit strategy empowers you as a business owner to create a transition that’s right for you, your family, and your business.

SmartExit Approach

Discover We'll help you separate fact from fiction, and discover your exit readiness and business valuation. 

Prepare We'll get you set on the right track so you can exit your business on your terms and timeline. 

Exit We'll help put your plan into action, so that you can exit your business and achieve the ultimate payday. 

Meet the Founders Tommy West & Ben Brickweg

Tommy and Ben offer effective, field-tested approaches for preparing for and selling a business, delivered in their straightforward, no-nonsense fashion.  

After Tommy sold his first business when he was younger, he realized that the business brokerage and M&A system was broken . . . even as a licensed business attorney and experienced business owner, he struggled to get that first deal done.  

Ben grew up working in big business brokerage and M&A cutting his teeth on 100s of business deals, but he also suffered through the broken system, which is what led him to law school, then to start his own M&A firm.  

Tommy & Ben knew there must be a better way . . . that's why they teamed up to create the SmartExit System.

A history of caring

Our team-based, process-driven system not only helps business owners sell their business more efficiently and with better results, but also helps them better understand the process so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their business and their family.  

To do that, we emphasize using simple, direct language, and we believe strongly in keeping things transparent and understandable. That's why we want all business owners to read a copy of our FREE book.


What They Say About Sagewood

Quotes From Our Clients & Colleagues

'knows what they're doing [and] cuts through a lot of the typical nonsense'

'very practical approach to business'

'very good at reading a situation and communicating the upshot to us'

'rock solid advisors'

'far beyond our expectations'

'a gift for demystifying complex concepts in extremely simple terms'

'attentive to detail and responsive'

'deals without all the overblown and hard to understand lingo'

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